Primarily, I want to make sure your business has a website. That might be an online store, an info page, a way to contact you or even just a portfolio. The possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to contact me about what you need.

After that, let's get you up and running on social media. I'll set up your profiles, verify them, connect you to Google and then make sure you know how to use each of the profiles you've chosen. You don't need to get a website to do this, so if you just want some social profiles, speak to me and we'll get them set up.

On top of that, I can write and edit copy, design edit and share ads, create logos and images, help manage your sales, set up business email, generate online content and oversee any online operations you're too busy to manage.

Ongoing Management

To give examples of some running clients I'm working with, have a look down this page and follow the links included to see examples of written, designed and published material I've been working on over a prolonged period of time. 

Also, have a look at the examples of graphic design in the gallery, which is also available in the "projects" tab for some individual designs from recent months.

Osteopaths of Ireland

Since July, I've been working to manage sales, designs and social media for Osteopaths of Ireland.


Have a look at some of their profiles below to see just what it is that I do for clients when they stay on past the building stage.

Antrim Credit Union

ACU were the first continued client I took on, despite remaining in actual employment with them after becoming self-employed as well. Check out what I do for them:

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