Every new project I work on gets its own slot here. Have a look and see whether my services suit what you need. If they don't, but you like how they look, speak to me about how we can work on something unique together. Alternatively, have a look in the Projects tab to see some of the more specific services I can offer!

If you're not in the market for a website, speak to me about getting your business set up on social media! Keep an eye out here for a tab listing some of the businesses I've helped get set up on Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. If you


JAMIS Academy

My newest project is for a company looking to provide employability, nursing, skills and interview classes using government funding. I'm looking forward to developing the sales elements of this site, using new techniques of providing buyers with the option to choose which classes they apply for. 

Some social media pages may also be on the cards for this site, so keep an eye out for developments and new screenshots when the full site goes live for real.

Osteopaths of Ireland

Proud to be able to show off a fully-functioning events website now that Osteopaths of Ireland's commission is launched and available to the public. Now, prospective osteopaths have a base to turn to when they need to build up CPD hours to work towards qualifications!

For those looking for ongoing work, I'll be continuing on with this site, monitoring sales, attendee records and necessary maintenance for Osteopaths of Ireland for the foreseeable future. Get in touch if you need regular monitoring or management of your brand's online presence!



Tony Peacock PT

The second venture into personal training products which I've taken, although this one's adventurous, creative, innovative and aimed at the future of online PT. I'm really excited to show this one off as it develops and changes, so keep an eye out on the projects section to see what happens.

If you have something that's a little more 'out there', come and see what we can create together. 

The site was just recently launched, and you can visit it by clicking here. Have a look around and see if it has anything which your site could benefit from. 

Antrim Credit Union

This site is probably the most established and most expansive of all the ones I've completed to date. It was also the first 'professional' site I worked on. Click here to see it.

This site has a full subscription to Wix Premium, with added email setup and domain names all connected to it. I worked to out the entire setup together, and can do the same for your site if you need it.

It's important to note that additions like emails, subscriptions and domain names are all quite pricey, but I'll be happy to adjust my prices a little if your budget is tight.



Below Bermuda

Another music project site, only this time with better music. It belongs to my university band and is fully functioning in every way except for the paid subscriptions and verified url. It's an example of what you can do on a budget with no added extras. Click here to see it!

This site's a good way to see how you can add external links which are added in various different places.

As a side note, if you happen across the merchandise page and wish to add something like that to your own site, I can set up a number of options and a number of stores, just like the music ones as well. 

C L O S E Music

This site was created for a music project I ran. Oddly, the effort I put into it was a little off-balance, so the website and marketing for the whole thing turned out to be of a higher standard than the music...

A lot of the social media has been closed for the project, and the music is down from sites, but I kept the site active as an example of what I can design. 

It's quite complicated in comparison to others, but it's one way to show how much you can put into a site. Click here to visit the site and see how it all looks up close. (No pun intended...)


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