Let's Beat COVID-19

It's likely that many small businesses will lose money in the coming months as a result of increased implementation of quarantine and isolation procedures. I want to build a community of thriving local enterprises which take to the internet to avoid going under while people stay home.

  • E-Commerce websites can save your business from home
  • Online management helps keep you right
  • Payment plans take the strain away

Speak to me today about how we can work together to keep local business thriving. I can get your business working online in a matter of weeks, then help you manage its progress afterwards!  If we work together, we'll come out the other side as if nothing ever went wrong. Stay safe!



-Websites in 2 weeks
-Social media in minutes
-Logos and graphics to suit your style

Do you have an idea for a small business or are you looking to turn a hobby into a living? Let's get you set up online with a website, some social media pages or a simple listing on Google. That's not all though; check out my projects page to see all the different products I can offer your business!

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